Oval: I'm generally known as Renia. I was born in the 1950s in Edinburgh of an English mother and a Polish father. I have two younger brothers. 
My mother is still alive, but my father, sadly, died in 1997. 
We lived in Edinburgh for a year, moved to the Holy Loch on the West Coast of Scotland. We left when I was seven years old for the South of England, where I lived for more than 40 years before settling in Greece in 2002.




Oval: My husband and I were married in Hove, Sussex, in 1978, and we have two sons. My husband is a shipbroker, and worked for many years in London before being seconded to his present position in Greece.


After leaving Hove County Grammar School for Girls  with some O-levels and no career ambitions I attended Brighton Technical College where I completed only one year of a two-year secretarial course. The best that came from this course was in learning to type which in subsequent years was the basis of my various employments.

At about the same time as our eldest son was conceived came the stimulus to discover my mother's family history. My father's family history would be difficult as he was Polish and I did not speak the language and Poland was not the easiest place to communicate with in those days. These days there are all sorts of Polish genealogical and other sites on the web.

The very next day after meeting the stranger who had so spurred me to find out more I went to the Westminster Library. I made a bee-line for Burke's Peerage only to be disappointed. I tried modern editions of Burke's Landed Gentry only to be disappointed again. But then I discovered Burke's Irish Family Records and there was the whole clan back to about 1550 in Yorkshire. How I wanted to yelp in that silent library. Five minutes into my family history career and I'd instantly discovered some ten generations. And I hadn't even known the Pallisers were Irish though I did know of Irish connections.

Since then of course the hobby and interest in the name has grown and grown to the point where I have found errors in Burke's and supplemented their information and generally have vast databases of Pallisers from around the world and in all eras.

When our second son was a baby I enrolled with the Open University and graduated with a history degree a few years later. I had hated history at school but the impetus was now there and I was keen to learn.

Now I still follow the Pallisers and collect information on all Pallisers and Pallisters wherever I go
though my time was restricted for some years from 1993 by working full-time on a newspaper,
which I left in 2002 in order to live in Greece.


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