The parish of Kirby Wiske, Yorkshire

Over the years, I have developed an interest in this parish, which lies a few miles south-east of Northallerton, in North Yorkshire
and about 3 miles to the west of Thirsk. I have extracted the parish register from the microfilm and am prepared to do look-ups.
The burials have already been donated to the National Burial Index. I have also extracted details from the 1838 Tithe Map and Apportionment, various directories,

As time goes by, I hope to add more information about this parish to this web site.





History of Kirby Wiske


Google Maps


Modern map and aerial view of Kirby Wiske


National Library of Scotland


Comparative modern aerial view and late-19th century map of Kirby Wiske parish from the National Library of Scotland (May have to zoom in)



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Victoria County History - Kirby Wiske (online)


Kirby Wiske one-parish study

Court Rolls of Maunby and extracts of Court Rolls of Kirby Wiske (14th16th centuries)

Kirby Wiske one-parish study

Parish Register of Kirby Wiske (1618-1879)

Kirby Wiske one-parish study

Tithe Apportionment of Kirby Wiske *1838)


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