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Lambor is a very rare surname. My Lambor ancestor apparently originated in Moravia (now in the Czek Republic) in about 1812. He went to Sambir, in what was then Poland, but is now in The Ukraine.  The only Lambor family in Poland today is our family. I can find no Lambors in the Moravia area today, but there are plenty of Jambors. The US census shows a few other Lambors who originate from Galicia, in the same Ukraine/Poland area.


1882 map of Moravia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire


1882 map of Galicia (Poland/Ukraine) in the Austro-Hungarian Empire including Sambir/Sambor)


Moravia and Galicia are very close neighbours. Galicia includes the southern part of Poland and the Ukraine from just west of Cracow in Poland to just east of Lvov (Lemberg) in the Ukraine. The Ukraine part of Galicia used to be named Ruthenia, but when the Austro-Hungarian Empire took over, they renamed the whole area Galicia. Now, it is divided between Poland and the Ukraine.


Information on Galicia


I have doubts that Lambor is an Eastern European name. It may even be Greek, derived from Lambros or Lambropolous . Some Lambors who appear in the US censuses originated from Greece. The baptisms for a few of these can be found on the IGI, but as Lambros.


However, there are Lambors in Malaysia and in India.


Lambor Kanan, Perak, Malaysia - burial place of 9th Sultan of Perak

Catherine Lambor, womenís team hockey player, Malaysia

Lambor Malngiang, politician in Shillong, Meghalaya State Government, India


Strangely, the name of Lambor appears in mythology.

King Lambor, the Fisher King


LAMBOR in online databases


The Lambor name appears online in a few databases for the USA:



1785 Tax List, Bernards County, Somerset Township, New Jersey

David Lambor


1870 Census, Ft Lyons County Terr, Weld County, Colorado

Charles Lambor

Helke Lambor

Henry Lambor


1870 Census, Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota

Eliza Lambor


1870 Census, Caswell Twp, New Hanover Co, North Carolina

Lambor Mason


1880 Census, USA

Frank Lambor (Pennsylvania, b about 1841 PA)

E L Lambor (Pennsylvania, b about 1848 PA)

Albert Lambor (Pennsylvania, b abt 1871 PA)

Howard Lambor (Pennsylvania, b abt 1873 PA)

Clara Lambor (Pennsylvania, b abt 1875 PA)

Ada M Lambor (Pennsylvania, b abt 1877 PA)

A Lambor (California, b abt 1852 Canada)

Reuben Lambor (Kansas, b abt 1805 Ohio)

Cynthia Lambor (Kansas, b abt 1806 Indiana)


SSDI Master Death Index

Andrew Lambor 1919-1984 of California, Issued Ohio
Andrew Lambor 1948-1986 of California Issued California
Harriet Lambor 1917-1983 of California Issued Ohio
J Lambor 1987-1990 of Pennsylvania, Issued Pennsylvania
Nickolis Lambor 1887-1964 no location given, Issued Ohio
Rose Lambor 1910-1999 of Massachussetts, Issued Massachussetts
Sara Lambor 1920-1996 of Arizona, Issued Georgia
Stella Lambor 1894-1979 of Ohio, Issued Ohio
V Lambor 1972-1989 of Nevada, Issued Colorado


Births in California (motherís maiden name in Brackets)

Alan Lee Lambor 1950 (Brown)

Andrew JR Lambor 1948 (Brown)

Gregory Alan Lambor 1979 (Goodman)

Marcy Anne Lambor 1984 (Goodman)


Deaths in California (motherís maiden name in Brackets)

Andrew Lambor 1986 (Brown)

Harriet Marie Lambor nee Weekley 1983 (McGee)


The Lambor name appears online in a few databases for the rest of the world:


Births & baptisms from FamilySearch

George Lambor birth 1761 Overton, Hampshire, England
John Lambor birth 1782 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England
Lydia V Lambor (AFN: XWM2-VJ) born abt 1831


Marriages from FamilySearch

Anna Pettersdr Lambor marr 24 Jun 1733 Sortavala, Viipuri, Finland

George Lambor marr Mary Penton 1786 Overton, Hampshire, England

John Lambor marr Mary Cooper 14 Nov 1807 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England

Lydia V Lambor (AFN: XWM2-VJ) marr Patrick S Cragun (AFN: XWM2-TC) 15 Apr 1857


LAMBOR Addresses


Some of these addresses may be out of date.


Alan Lambor, Havasu City , Arizona, USA 

Alexander Lambor, Berlin, Germany 

Andre Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Lambor, Grafenberg, Germany 

Andrew Lambor, Sussex, England 

B. Lambor, Augsburg, Germany 

Beate Lambor, Pretzschendorf, Germany 

Cindy A Lambor, Lubbuck, Texas, USA (family name is Lamborn)

Claudia Lambor, Metzingen, Germany

Eregina Lambor, Kuching, Malaysia

Eric Lambor, Tucson , Arizona , USA (family name was Jambor)

Erwin Lambor, Grafenberg, Germany 

Florangel Lambor, Sussex, England 

Frank Lambor, Erfurt, Germany 

Frank Lambor, Ludwigsburg, Germany 

Fritz Lambor, Augsburg, Germany 

George Lambor, Stuttgart, Germany

Hans Lambor, Stuttgart, Germany

Hans Christian & Claudia Lambor, Vienna, Austria

Hedwig Lambor, Stadtbergen, Germany

Heinz-Jurgen Lambor, Erfurt, Germany

Horst Lambor, Erfurt, Germany

I. Lambor, Stuttgart, Germany

Ingeborg Lambor, Ostfildern, Germany

Ingeborg Lambor, Vienna, Austria

Isolde Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Jarmo-Stefan Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Jens Lambor, Neulussheim, Germany

Jillian Lambor, Upper Darby , Pennsylvania, USA

Karl Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Marek Lambor, Krakow, Poland

Mieszko Lambor, Krakow, Poland

Margit Lambor, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Mat Lambor, country unknown

Matthew Lambor, Sussex, England

Michael Lambor, Osfildern, Germany

Michael Lambor, Schwabhausen, Germany

Michael Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Mike Lambor, Worcester, Massachussetts, US

Norbert Lambor, Sutttgart, Germany

Oliver Lambor, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Paul Lambor, Neulussheim, Germany

Peter & Birgit Lambor, Waiblingen, Germany

Ralf Lambor, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Rudolf Lambor, Vienna, Austria

Siegfried Lambor, Schorndorf, Germany

Sylvia Lambor, Heidelberg, Germany

Thomas Lambor, Metzingen, Germany

Verena Lambor, Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang Lambor, Waiblingen, Germany


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