Some Well-Known Pallisers

The Palliser surname has made its way in the world. Here are a few of them, from various Groups:

The Blessed Thomas Palliser executed 1600 (Possibly Group 1)

William Palliser 1644-1727 Archbishop of Cashel (Group 1)

Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, Bt, 1723-1796 (Group 1)

Captain John Palliser 1817-1887 (Group 1)

Major Sir William Palliser, MP, 1830-1882 (Group 1)

Captain Wray Richard Gledstanes Palliser RN d 1891 (Group 1)

(Mary Jane) Sybil Palliser 1874-1940 (Group 1)

Charles Palliser, Author (Group 1)

Esther Palliser, b 1872, Opera Singer

Herbert William Palliser, Sculptor, 1888-1963 (Group 10) [external site]

Admiral Sir Arthur Francis Eric Palliser 1890-1929 (Group 8) [external site]

Sir Michael Palliser, b 1921 (Group 8) [external site]

And a famous Pallister

Gary Pallister, OBE, b 1965, England Team player [external site]

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